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Got It Wrong...
It's Not About The Sale,
It's About TRUST!

From The Desk of Ari Galper, Sydney, Australia...

Old "tried and true" sales training programs that
were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. That's why I developed a proven and tested sales methodology based on creating real trust that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 1 - "Selling is a numbers game." But, sales is only a numbers game when all you know is traditional selling. Yes, you can call people over and over, chase them until they listen to you so that you just go away. However there is a better - easier method of building trust and getting your product or service message across - all on one call. Simply by changing your sales approach, you'll make FEWER CALLS and MORE SALES.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 2 - "Use a sales script to sell." People can tell when you're reading from a script, even if you think you're pretty good at it and getting away with it. There's nothing personal about it and people can pick that up. Being artificial just puts you into the typical "Salesperson" category. If you can learn to get your message across in a different way, you'll eliminate the negative triggers that can lose your sale within seconds.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 3 - "Focus on closing the sale." Are you "going in for the kill" with your closing sales technique? - If you are, you could end up killing your deal instead. Old sales training techniques do nothing more than pressure the client or prospect, and as a result they naturally want to retreat away from that pressure - and that pressure is created by you. By learning to avoid the "push and pull" dynamic between you and your prospect, you'll be able to move the sales process forward to get the result you want.

"Rejection is part of the sales process". It absolutely is not. Rejection is TRIGGERED by certain things you are saying and doing that you probably are completey unaware of. There is no other sales approach in the world that completely eliminates rejection other than Unlock The Game, read more below.

Welcome to Unlock The Game®

Unlock The Game is a radically honest sales approach based on integrity and common sense. It challenges traditional sales thinking and helps you achieve better sales results.

It's the missing link -- a new mindset and language that converts selling into a natural conversation between you and your prospect.

It offers you a new way of thinking about selling, from cold calling -- the most dreaded selling experience of all -- all the way to the end of the sales process.

You don't have to abandon the selling skills you already know -- Unlock The Game gives you a new approach and new tools to help you let go of old behaviors that bring you negative results.

It's incredibly effective.

Best of all, it's easy to learn.

"Unlock The Game is the greatest sales breakthrough in the last 20 years"

free insurance selling Brian Tracy

"In a new age of frustrating and difficult selling challenges, more specifically the fear of selling, cold calling, and starting new conversations without being rejected, Unlock The Game gives us all the answers to a natural way of selling without creating rejection. Ari you are a genius. Keep up the great!"

Brian Tracy is a leading authority on personal and business success. As Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, he is the best-selling author of 17 books and over 300 audio and video learning programs.



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Terri Cooper, Brisbane Qld Australia
Hi Ari,

Great to be back on your mailing list as I had lost touch with your wisdom and honest transparent approach to the sales process. Great to have your influence here in AUS... we need you! All the best Terri
Gavin Watts, Australia
Great stuff Ari. You have helped me and so many others become top performers. There are so many golden nuggets in what you teach. Thank you.
Alastair Dixon, Perth, Western Australia
Hi Ari, you are definitely on the mark with your advice. Too many old school methods being forced upon new, hungry sales people are ruining the ability to create trust in the sales process.I have long been involved in "sales", but have managed to avoid the "salesman" tag thanks to your teachings. Ari, long may your forums, newsletters and seminars educate the "old school" like I used to be! Warm regards Alastair
Tim, Melbourne, Australia
Ari, your deep insights into creating trust in selling are very much appreciated and critical in order to keep our economy ahead of the curve.
Patrick, Sydney NSW Australia
Great insights Ari, so glad I've had a chance to experience you live. What I've learned from you is nothing short of profound. Every Australian company should be chasing you if they were smart.
Jodie Stanley, Qld, Australia
Just brilliant Ari...thank you for being an Aussie and sharing with us what it takes to create real trust in selling. I have been to every sales seminar out there, nothing even comes close to what you teach. The results I've achieved just from your short talk is incredible. Keep it up!
Christian Johansen, Melbourne, Australia
Mate, this is absolutely fantastic material. Of all the American sales leaders, you are by far the one that has a message and vision we can all connect with. Keep up the great work Ari!
Chris, Brisbane, Australia
Great stuff Ari!! Have been using UTG for a few months now. Feeling very relaxed about selling again....why did it take you so long to come to AUS!
Joyce Evans, Perth, Australia
Thank you for breaking down your concepts in an easy to understand way for someone to use on a day to day basis. Trust-based selling as you describe it, is the key to all success and no one can explain it as clear as you.

Can't wait for your next seminar!
John Edwards, Victoria, Australia
Hi Ari,

I have been working with my wife now for the past eight months and loving every minute of it except selling. You know I would sit for days doing nothing just trying to convince myself to pick up the phone and cold call. I didn't do it and I would go home feeling like crap.

So I started paying telemarketers which goes okay for a while but at six hundred dollars minimum for twenty hours it is not cheap for a company that is trying to get it's cash flow going. But you would expect a great result - wrong, four appointments if I am lucky.

Well, I attended your evening event and it was not until a couple of weeks ago Carolin in Australia signed me up for your program, using the same mindset philosophy.

I wanted to tell you and thank your entire crew because I am now eager to make calls!. It is going great and I no longer need telemarketers, a savings of hundreds of dollars. i have paid for the course many, many times over.

Thanks heaps.

Fiona Miley, Brisbane, Australia
Ari, all of us are so proud of you here in Australia. You are completely changing the landscape of the entire sales industry be bringing humanity and integrity back into the selling process without comprimising results. Absolutely brilliant!
Peter Morrissey, Sydney, Australia
Ari, over the past 3 years you have made the biggest impression on my business. A very bold statement in this busy world we live in today but very true all the same.

I am very glad for your success, I am sad my competitors after more than 3 years may just start to find out about one of my secret weapons from your success.

I guess I still have the 3 year head start :)

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my business.
Sylvia , Australia
Wonderful stuff! This absolutely takes the squirm factor out of the selling process.
Thank you so much.
Steve Mendin, Brisbane, Australia
Your philosophy and strategies are a breath of fresh air in a business environment that fosters short cutting humanity and integrity.

The combination of your philosophy with your trust-based languaging is absolutely priceless.
Brian Johnson., Melbourne, Australia
Ari, you are turning sales into pure trust. You do this so well by identifying problems both before and during the conversation, which is what creating trust is all about.

Loving your sales breakthrough program!


Brian Johnson
Francis Barram, Australia
Powerful, connecting and moving!!! What I get is that in the past I use to sell stuff and that Ari modeled treating the other person as a human being. He modeled a deep caring and respect for the receptionist that has shown me another paradigm to selling... Thank you, thank you..
Ron, Melbourne, Australia
Awesome stuff.....Ari makes it seems so simple......Really looking forward to more tips and exploring the Unlock the game system
James Timmons, Sydney, Australia
Excellent stuff Ari. Nice job on your new Sales Breakthrough program. It's classy and well presented, a rare experience in the sales world. In my eyes, you are the greatest sales thought leader that we have ever had, in my humble opinion. Every company should be adopting Unlock The Game, if they're not, their living in a bubble and losing sales everyday (and don't even know it).
Libby Dedman, Newcastle, NSW Australia
I totally agree with everything you teach Ari. As a result of what you share with us, I am now the "lucky one" making things happen in my business...keep it coming!
Lynn Armstrong, Brisbane, Australia
Love your tips, they're great and thank goodness you are available to us Aussies now. Unlock The Game should replace all corporate sales training're an inspiration!
Greg, Newcastle, Australia
Thanks for your invaluable information Ari. My attitude is changing and you are adding value to me - thankyou. The business conversations I have with people tomorrow will be different as a result, and I'm excited about that!
Julia Shinnon, Sydney, Australia
What a great ideas you have Ari. The sales world is gasping for a voice and message like yours. You speak the truth, aren't afraid to walk your talk, and what you say makes so much sense.

You by far, as far as I'm concerned, are the next global sales thought leader.

We are a multi-national company and I think you should be talking with our CEO and Country Managers. We could use the help.
Michael Levin, Melbourne, Australia
It's amazing how easy it is for us to make assumptions and bypass the whole process of creating trust just because they called us.

My sales team continues to level off at a certain conversion rate because they start moving into the sales process quickly without first identifying it's a fit and getting to the truth.

I've been in sales and sales management for over 25 years and your strategies and ideas are some of the most powerful and profitable strategies I've ever seen.

Well done
Sam Dillon, Sydney, Australia
I have personally increased my sales results 35% - 50% by implementing your program Ari. I resisted your thinking for a long time because I thought I knew it all, but I finally gave in and I now regret not investing in your process years ago.

You're right: it's more profitable to get to the truth than try and chase the sale.
Dealing with a trust based approach dignifies both the salesperson and the prospect.
Gary Daly, Australia
Brilliant stuff Ari, very simple but then again they say simple is genius. Very keen to see more of your program and also looking forward to the event that is on in Sydney, just got my tickets in the post :)

Over 78,598
Free Test Drive
Get 10 FREE Lessons
(Valued at $300)
(All fields must be completed to gain access)
Your information is 100% protected.






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"When prospects are aggressive or disrespectful, it's entirely appropriate for you to disengage politely from the conversation. You've been warm and human in every way throughout the call, and if the other person can't connect to that, why would you choose to continue? "


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